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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  December 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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cameras and taking kickbacks. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm luce know. shady dealings have been going on in the upland borough municipal building for years. fox 29's jeff cole has been digging into this story all day. joins us live now from delaware county with more. jeff. >> reporter: lucy, tears the kind of facts that you'd expect in cheap dime store novel about political corruption in a tiny borough. except the -- >> do you have any more to say here? >> we have no comment. >> county investigators claim edward mitchell um land borough councilman the mastermind of alleged scheme of kickbacks on security systems and secret recordings that went on forayers in the tiny delaware county town. >> it's no wonder that i present this to you with disgust and outrage that elected official would go to this length. >> how much you make in all this. mitchell's alleged partner thomas willard owner of logan technologies systems of eddystone, delaware county.
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it work this way say investigators. mitchell made sure logan technology and willard got nearly $1 million in upland security and surveillance equipment contracts from 2009 to 2015. willard would allegedly kickback to councilman mitchell tone 15% of the deal on highly inflated prices. some of the proceeds were moved in cash says the da to mitchell from a check cashing outlet. >> at least on one occasion he specifically remembers delivering delivering $5,000 envelope in cash to the house of ed mitchell upland borough. >> reporter: da alleges mitchell had secret audio and video recording equipment installed in borrow hall council chambers in an office and he made tapes investigators were tipped when upland's mayor found the camera system back in march. >> and then there were dash cams for the police cars upland was billed not once but twice. 30 grand for those cameras. >> it's determined that these
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dash cams never arrived and mitchell instructs logan to report them as missing. >> reporter: that's what he d he apparently report the them as missing. at 6:00 o'clock we'll have more on that whole dash cam scenario fort police cars here. edward mitchell lawyer says his client is innocent. both men have been released on bon. da says the probe continues. live in upland, i'm jeff cole. lucy, back to you. >> thank you very much, jeff. your fox 29 weather authority if you thought it was cold when you left the house this morning, whole hold on to your hat and i do mean literally here. frigid temperatures along with strong winds are going to make for a bitter night and chilly wait at the bus stop tomorrow morning. meteorologist kathy orr bracing the cold in old city tonight. >> how cold are we talking, kathy? do i really want to know. >> no, you really don't want to know. we have that arctic front and we'll see snow showers as a result as well and that's going to come overnight tonight. right now, we have everybody
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bundled up walking by with their jacketjackets and their hats. scarves and mittens coming up soon. take look at the temperatures. in philadelphia as we look at the platt bridge the temperature is 40 degrees. not so bad. the wind out of the whipped northwest at seven going to increase tonight the high today 43 degrees. little bit below average. right now, temperatures pretty comfortable in the city and surrounding areas. some 20s to the west. 23 degrees in cleveland. 21 degrees in toronto. that's where our front is. so this evening, temperatures will be falling through the 30s. a sprinkle or flurry at 11:00 p.m. in the city but i do expect the chance of some snow showers especially south and east of the city shortly after midnight. they'll be a little bit of a burst of snow moving through delaware into south jersey could get into philadelphia and then it swiftly moves out to sea by 3am temperatures will fall quickly and that could make for an icy morning come tomorrow. so please be aware of that. so coming up, we'll talk about that snow tonight into tomorrow
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morning. the biting wind chills we expect and another chance of snow this weekend. winter officiall officially begt week but it will feel like it to night. i'll see you later in the broadcast with the seven day. >> all right, kathy, thanks. don't get caught in the cold without the fox 29 app like having a meteorologist in your pock. available in the apple and google play stores. >> bill cosby back in montgomery county court today ahead of his sexual assault trial. lawyers for both sides are battling it out over whether some of his a skus sore which is testify in the trial. prosecutors say their testimony will show cosby has a history of abusing women. >> while the defense says the women are just trying to cash in. our bruce gordon was back in the montgomery county courtroom today. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, guys, this two-day hearing wrapped up moments ago. cosby left the courthouse and now we await the ruling from judge steven o'neill it could come within days more likely win at least a couple of weeks. he will have to decide how many if any of 13 cosby a sues sores
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will be a loud to testify at this the only criminal sex assault case against him. bill cosby america's dad or serial sex abuser in court wednesday morning county district attorney kevin steele detail cases of 13 young women who say cosby drugged and sexually assaulted them after are friending them, mentoring them and gaining their trust. steel argued cosby quote intentionally exploited women in diminish state and call it quote a lifetime of sexual assault on young women. cosby is charged in this case with drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constand at his cheltenham mansion in 2004. there were no witnesses to the incident and miss constand did not immediately come forward with her allegations. the prosecution hopes 13 additional accusing witnesses each with similar stories can bolster their case. and refute any defense claim that cosby mistakenly thought constand was a willing partner. >> if in fact he had a plan arc
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scheme, a pattern of drugging women, he would know that they could not consent if they were incapacitated, unconscious. >> reporter: defense attorney brian mcmonagle described the 13 other accusations some of which date back to the 1960s as ancient and incredible. but so vague as to be impossible to defend he call the extra accusations quote a bandaged band wagon of claims. says said mcmonagle to the judge you got to stop this. the defense spent most of the late afternoon tearing apart those 13 apparent witnesses or at least hopeful witnesses. one by one, variously describing them as being drug addicts or clicks test alleged incidents saying some of them changed their stories over time and others looked to be simply out for some publicity or cash. they had particularly harsh words for gloria allred you saw her in our peace there claiming she has market the and/or kess traited these claims to make them seem like more than they really are.
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lucy, again, a decision from the judge not expected for at least a couple of weeks. it will be a blockbuster when it come. >> it certainly will. thank you, bruce. police in the city's frankford neighborhood are checking surveillance video hoping camera caught a glimpse of a man who killed another man early this morning. someone called police to the 1400 block of adams of a right around 1:00 a.m. officers found a 30-year-old man shot several times lying in the road. he died at the scene. police have not yet released his identity. a woman is now charged in a hit-and-run crash that hurt a 12-year-old boy in new castle county. marsha williams turned herself in to police last night. new castle county police say detectives say surveillance video of the car involved in the crash helped them identify williams. 12-year-old brian richards was crossing the street when he was hit last week. several of the bones were broken including a fractured skull. >> the number of open cabinet positions in the president-elect's cabinet is dwindling. donald trump made another announce many today. all while carving out some time
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to meet with tech leaders. fox's joel waldman has the latest from washington, d.c. report roar whose who of the tech industry at trump tower. elan musk of tesla, apple ceo tim cook amazon founder jeff ba seem os and cheryl sandberg of face back some of those invited what the president-elect team is calling a tech summit aim at finding ways they can all work together to bring tech jobs back to america. >> they need each other. this industry doesn't have lot of regulation and what little it hayes is very out of date. so republicans are going to have a lot of power here and trump wants to create jobs and he wants this industry to create a lot of jobs in the u.s. the transition office also announcing some of these titans of tech along with the ceos and black stone group have all been tapped to serve in what's being dubbed the president's strategic and policy forum. >> well i just want to thank everybody. this is a truly amazing group of people. i won't tell you the hundreds of
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calls we've had asking to come to this ming. >> reporter: another administration announcement from the president-elect officially naming rick perry energy secretary. fox news also learning first term montana congressman ryan sin key will be likely be name interior secretary. >> this is about a shift in priorities. both of these selections of rick perry and ryan sin key fort interior department they both signal that this is something that he is going to make a huge priority. >> reporter: a handful of democratic lawmakers today announcing that the general services administration says that president-elect trump must divest his washington, d.c. hotel when he becomes president because it sits on federal property. joel waldman, fox news. >> in wildwood is man is in the hospital after partial home collapse. sky fox over the 600 block of the west rio grant of a just after 11:00 this morning. the press of atlantic city is reporting part of the home collapsed while crews were raising the property.
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one man wept flying into the water when a beam hit him in the head. he's now in atlantic care regional medical center trauma unit. we don't know yet his condition. two septa employees recovering another a manhole blue open. septa says the employees responded to a call about a gas odor in southwest philadelphia along the 4800 block of windsor street this afternoon. they went to check it out and septa says they -- as they walk up to the manhole it did that, basically fire just shot out at them. it burned one of the workers. authorities say he is expected to survive. the other worker is all right out of the hospital. pgw still investigating the cause of the gas problem. a deadly accident in a snow bank in new york. what one boy toll rescuers he heard just before being buried by snow. >> a postal truck went up in flames with male carrier did next some say saved their christmas. >> bob? >> reporter: hey, gang g evening, everybody i got my light suit on. i got my boom box, the gang is ready to go. we are here live in levittown,
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take look at the holiday lights here on stony brook lane. we come right back. >> all right, bob. coming up at 6:00 video you've got to see to believe. a backhoe operator weaving across a local road. what police say they found when they stopped the heff vo piece of machinery.
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♪ prosecutors say the theft of 55,000 -- 55 tons of nickel from chester county money factory is inside job. they say eight employees of the company in south coatesville conspired to steal and resell the nickel. authorities have already arrest the the seven people you see here. the eighth person is right now in texas. the company says it lost almost $1 million. all right. today begins a new era for temple football after back to back 10 win seasons. today the owls introduced their new head coach jeff cole lince. >> of course he's got some big shoes to fill. stepping in for former head coach matt ruhle. sean bell is here to tell us a little bit more about jeff cole lips and his introduction to
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philadelphia today. hey, sean. >> guys as you know this thing happens really really quick. jeff cole lince got the call accepted the job and left florida all within the last 48 hours and today he was introduced as new head coach of the temple owls. coach collins grew up in at than but well aware of philly's reputation tough, gritty, no nonsense type of city and that's what we like in our head coaches. collins grew up big hockey guy and there's one team he had to see every time they came to to town. >> whenever the flyers were in town, i'm five, six, seven years i had to go see the broad street bullies. high to. had my flyers gear and pennant getting stuff thrown at me. i didn't care. i wanted to see bobby clark, dave schultz. i was drawn to the fiscal will the, the toughness, the never say die, never quit which i think is philly. which i think is us. >> he knows how to kiss up to
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the city already. doesn't he? it's all roses and everything is good right now. but there's a ton of pressure that comes with taking over 10 win team that may be the best in school history. later in sports collins talks about dealing with everything that comes along with that. lucy? >> all right. we'll talk to you then, sean. toys for tots ramping up for a big collect drive this weekend fox 29 at the mall chevrolet dealership in cherry hill this afternoon. dealership help raised $20,000 in toys so far this year. with christmas around the bend they're very close to their goal of 25,000. not quite there yet. >> we are really happy to participate in toys for tots through the marine corps. mall chevrolet has donated $20,000 in toys to give back to the community. our customers have come in and brought toys as well as our employees have donated toys. >> the toys are head to go children across camden county. this is dealership's fourth year of teaming up with toys for tots. the toys for tots drive is this friday and saturday from
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11:00 to 4:00 at mall chevrolet, cherry hill, haddonfield road is the place. so you can help them hit their goal. santa claus and marine corps there be there too. mall chevrolet is a sponsor of fox 29. you can go get yourself a cheesesteak. >> exactly. chick's deli. >> it is time once again to celebrate a very kelly christmas. >> right around the corner from mall chevrolet. chair meister himself bob kelly checking out another fantastic lights display. bob in is in bucks county and joins us live from levittown. bob, you're lit. >> i'm lit in levittown. i think i have this suit where else am i going to wear it. i might as well wear it when we do our christmas lights. we are here on the front lawn take a look at this. this is all synchronized to the music to the boom box here. hello levittown. [ applause ] >> we're her on the 5600 block of stony brook drive in levittown. the front lawn of kevin and debbie why. how long have you been doing this?
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>> 10 years now, bob. >> you got to see the boom box here. michael you'll show the lights how it's synchronized to the music and off steady flow of folks that come on by. you've been doing it for 10 years. >> 10 years. >> when do you start putting everything up. >> right after halloween. i actually have little halloween show i don switch everything over. >> you do this for halloween as well. >> not as elaborate. nice little show. >> debbie, what do you think of the craziness here? >> it's crazy but i support it 100%. >> you support that he's crazy. >> i support that he's crazy. [ laughter ] >> it all goes to the music and kelsey the daughter home from college today. >> finally. >> what do you think of everything that your dad does. >> it's great. it's really colorful and bright and perfect for christmastime. >> the crowd what do you think of the lights? [ applause ] >> how many songs altogether do we have program? it's programmed into a computer, right. >> everything is computer controlled. this year i have 10 songs. >> 10 song. >> yeah. >> okay.
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so this is your favorite here. >> big trance siberian orchestra band. >> this song -- how long is this song here. >> about three minutes and 34 seconds. >> wow! >> take look. you got to go. you got the speakers out front here. what do the neighbors think of the songs playing all night lo long? >> they don't actually hear the songs. >> that's true because you know when we come back, they have their own radio station that when you pull up in the car, lucy and iain, you can keep the kids in the car, you pull up to the front and you tune the radio to a certain station and you can hear the munich your car. you don't have to to get out of your car. we're out of our car tonight and we'll stay here all night long. 5600 block of stony brook lane in levittown getting lit in levittown. back to you guys. >> not that bob kelly is dipping into the nothing or anything like that. that is so cool, though. >> it is cool. >> turn on -- >> excellent stuff out there in levittown. we'll see more. >> you knee gas in your tank if
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you're going to hang out. >> idle there for awhile. filling up your gas tank in pennsylvania will cost you more. when prices at the pump will once again be climbing. >> oh, joy. fox 29 viewer lost his daughter to a rare type of cancer and noticed not much was happening to keep other children from enduring the same thing. now he's turning his heartbreak into a powerful mission. >> i felt i like a job to do. something to accomplish now that could help someone else out. >> what he's doing to change that and we're guessing you'll find it very inspirational. ♪
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>> new tonight police sources are telling fox 29 that officers have caught the man accused of stealing packages from homes in northern liberties. police say this home surveillance video caught him in the act along 800 block every lawrence street last friday. investigators arrested the man today at fifth and popular streets. police say he had someone's packages on him at the time. cobbs creek a man spun out of control killing him when his
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car slammed into another parked car and a tree. it happened just past midnight at 58th and baltimore avenue. the 58-year-old driver had some type of medical emergency which is why he lost control. he died at the hospital just a short time later. you know today marks four years since the tragedy at sandy hook elementary school in newtown connecticut. >> one church is remembering the young lives lost on that dark day. 26 t-shirts hang on stands in front of the presbyterian church of chestnut hill. they hang in memory of the 20 students and six teachers who died in that deadly shooting in 2012. the church host add prayer service today to remember the sandy hook victims as well all victims of gun violent. >> heeding god's call asked us to be the host of this memorial. so it's something that, um, i think unites people in our congregation to come from all political perspectives who are moved by just remembering that these are real people. >> the name of each victim is
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written on each shirt to display is on the lawn of the church along germantown avenue. u.s. postal service worker turned santa's helper during a fiery emergency in north carolina. now this video do you see what's going on here? that is a postal service truck in flames in wake forest and at this time of year you know it was filled with holiday cards and packages. well the driver knew that, too. she immediately start hauling out all of the mail and packag packages. firefighters pulled up and put out the fire win minutes. people who live nearby are touched by the postal workers bravery and commitment protecting their mail. >> kudos to her because she really went above and beyond her first stop thought it was christmas, people are waiting on those packages, and that that was her priority. >> a lot of the packages she saved were amazon deliveries and so amazon released a statement formally expressing its with holiday celebrations approaching increased danger on
5:26 pm
the road watch the national highway safety traffic administration is a doing to help keep you and your family safe. we know all too well the challenges many children face trying to get a good education. but one organization is bringing light to darkness helping our local kids get all the way to college and succeed. >> every child deserves an equal chance at a, um, at the future that they want. >> it doesn't end there. how this group is touching lives far beyond the young people it serves. kathy. >> we're tracking some colder air moving into the region with an arctic front and some slow snow showers that will be blossoming during the early morning hours. we'll talk about who has the best bet of seeing them coming up with the seven day.
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following breaking news for you right now. skyfox is live over the frankford transportation center where a 13-year-old girl has been stabbed in the hand. investigators say she was trying to break up a fight. she was taken to saint christopher's hospital for children. we of course will stay on top of this and bring you more details as soon as they come in. police now identified a man killed in a shooting in the city's frankford section. 29-year-old aaron young died last night on the 5,000 block of frankford avenue. it happened right around 7:30. a second man also ended up shot at a hospital in critical condition. police fop both men on the street. no arrests as of yet. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. there's some fresh powder on the slopes at blue mountain but bum
5:30 pm
up if you're plan to go hit the slopes. wind chills could be in the teens or single digits. kathy orr has got your forecast in 15 seconds. skiing at blue mount tepp you have to love that. we're looking at cold air moving in tonight with arctic front the front hanging back to the west but some snow showers associated with it. they will be moving up from the south and the west duringe shaking a little bit. the winds gipping to gust. they'll gust to about 20 miles an hour tonight. and by tomorrow gusting to at least 40 miles an hour. the high today 43. right now the temperature is 40 degrees. so pretty seasonal for this time of year. but as you go to the west toronto 19. detroit 16. chicago 15. international falls the air temperature is six below. here it is.
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the coldest air of the season that's going to be migrating toward the east over the next 24 hours. so you have those strong arctic winds out of the northwest that will be gusting to 40, 45 miles an hour tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night and that will drive wind chills down into the single numbers and in some spots could go below zero come early friday morning. when it's windy especially during the day tomorrow, could be trash day. could be recycling day you could have christmas decorations out. remember oh keep everything in and those high profile vehicles or low profile vehicles make sure you have two hands on the steering wheel because it will be very windy on the highways. as you look at the future wind chills tomorrow waking up to the single numbers in most of the oe reading in the poconos and by the afternoon, below zero in the poconos. as those winds continue to howl and the temperatures actually lly morning, single numbers for your wind chills it will folic five in philadelphia friday morning.
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feel like six in trenton. it will feel like two in reading. so a cold period. so the core of that cold air will be moving toward the regi region. polar vortex getting as close as temperatures will be bottoming out in the teens by friday morning. then by late friday night we have a chance of snow that will be moving in after midnight lehigh valley could be seeing accumulation of two, three, maybe as much as 4-inches of snow before change over to rain on saturday. our northern and western suburbs about one to 2-inches before it change over to rain on saturda e can see a light coating before we c saturday. we'll fine tune that forecast of course as we get closer to your weekend. overnight in the city, 22. 18 in our suburbs. snow showers south and east in south jersey and delaware for a few showers during the early morning hours. between about midnight and 3am. during the day tomorrow, just blustery, wind chills between nine and 13 over the course of the day. the temperature 26.
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those gusty winds will take that warmth right away from your skin. by friday, a frigid friday. snow early among saturday transitioning to rain. then some showers exact of expected with milder temperatures sunday. early high 55. monday, tuesday and wednesday temperatures slowly rising from the upper 30s to lower 40s. guess what begins on wednesday? officially winter. but it will already have felt like that. we'll zen it back to you. >> ♪ even among the darkness of under funded and under performing schools a local organization is doing its best to bring some light to kids lives. we're talking about chester county futures. >> the organization students have a 100% graduation rate and it says it's dedicated to keeping that it way. just amazing. our bill anderson has the program that is changing lives for goodness sake. 100% graduation rate for 16
5:34 pm
straight years. unfortunately that's not a is it a stat we're used to hearing associated with many of our public schools an organizationtl change. we're a college access program here in chester county. we work primarily with first generation college students. we provide them with academic supports, mentoring and ultimately scholarship support. >> for 20 years chester county futures has taken on the challenge of encouraging students often with difficult backgrounds, usually hoping to be the first in their family to go to college, to believe that a future of success and achievement is something they should expect regardless of where they come from. >> every child deserves an equal chance at at the future that they want. >> reporter: they're not just improving a life they're empowering a family. 85% of the students in their program would be the first ever in their family to attend college. >> you let them know that this is something that they can be much they can be the first in their family which will make
5:35 pm
their families proud. >> reporter: program a privately funded non-profit that serves districts throughout chester county. but hahn neverly it's all about the students. >> i guess family behind a familiar. they're definitely always there. always in touch. >> i can like text miss kim or like the administrator and they'll just help me right from home. >> a lot of my family, like, values education really highly but they just couldn't afford to do college. really hoping that chester county futures gets me to be graduate. >> reporter: some of the students today at coatesville senior high didn't know it, but their belief in the program, their trust that they can be more than they ever expected, was about to pay off. >> thank you. accepted. >> all right. >> congratulations. [ applause ] >> they stuck it out. they put in the hard work and all three were accepted to mansfield university. with scholarship money in the future all three will be the first in their families to go to college. >> i finally did it. and i get to go to college.
5:36 pm
>> i under estimated myself when i was younger. and, um, i can do whatever i pu. >> you guys -- ng lives. they recognize that young people who have been under estimated and written off still deserve a chance and they're committed to providing it. for goodness sake, i'm bill anderson. ♪ >> i just love the fact -- >> impressive. >> so many of these kids they're from families that have never had the opportunity to go to college. here they are doing so. >> go for them. 100% graduation rate. you don't hear that very often. >> amazing. there was a horrible accident in a snow bank in new york. but one young boy told rescuers he heard just before snow caved in on top of him and his frien friends. ♪ >> and coming up at 6:00 man walk in a philadelphia dollar store and shows the teenaged employee a gun. what he toll her before making off with the money.
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in your money tonight gas tax is going up in pennsylvania. oh good tidings there in just few week. next month you could up shelling out more. the tax on wholesale fuel going up 8 cents. retailers will make the call on whether to pass all of it on to you. what do you think they'll do? huh? if they do, you'll pay about 76 cents a gallon in state and federal taxes alone. this is the final gas tax increase as part of a law passed in 2013. the money raised supposing to toward transportation projects. a tragic scene in upstate new york. >> 12-year-old boy died after getting trapped in a large mound of snow. police say two boys were playing in the snow mound late last night just as a public works truck was plowing snow out of the area. so short time later police got a call about two missing boys. police rush to the area and had to dig out the two boys but the 12-year-old was unconscious and later died at the hospital. >> i watched probably a dozen and a half men firemen, forest
5:41 pm
rangers, new york state police, my guys, literally grab shovels and hands once they found that sled and started digging. i think no exaggeration they probably moved 7-ton of hard packed snow in a matter of 10 minutes. >> the other boy was conscious and talking and told police he heard what sounded like machinery before it went dark. right now officials are not sure if the snowplow buried the boys or if the snow mount just collapsed on the boys playing. special try lighting today at saint christopher's hospital for children. check out that tree full of teddy bears. >> aww. >> even santa claus and the mrs. stopped by. today's holiday celebration kids had a chance to tell the big guy what they want under the tree before his sleigh takes off on christmas eve. >> fox 29 viewer is turning heartbreak into a powerful mission. he lost his daughter to a rare type of cancer and noticed not much was happening to keep other children from enduring the same
5:42 pm
thing. so now he's taking on that fig fight.
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♪ tonight the inspirational story of a fox 29 viewer who's turning heartbreak into a new life mission. he lost his daughter to a rare form of cancer and out of his devastation he realized very little research goes into this particular disease. >> so now the father is doing amazing things to change that and save other young lives.
5:46 pm
fox 29's joyce evans has his story. ♪ >> a couple of hours up and back. >> reporter: the drive from peter billotti's marble and granite company in the heart of south philadelphia. >> every week at least one time a lot of times an extra day during the week. >> reporter: this trip -- decorations for christmas. >> reporter: decorating at the resting place of his beloved only daughter alexandra. >> a lot of decorating around our house all the time. we used to call her al for alec. >> reporter: she passed away a year ago during the holiday season. she was only 21. >> when your child dies you learn thou live in that level that it puts you down. it puts new a level of life that something has been taken from
5:47 pm
you. >> reporter: big hole blown into their world over a decade's time. >> you don't ever get -- you don't ever -- it doesn't ever go away. >> reporter: the nightmare watching helplessly as your baby girl spends half her young life suffering until a rare form of add lessen cancer called ewing sarcoma slowly strips her life away. >> she had two bone marrow transplants. she had a major surgery. they took ribs out of her. >> she was in remission for a few years. peter credited their strong faith. >> i was going to have a miracle from all of this and time went on and just kept getting worse and worse. >> reporter: the loss is toughest on alex's mom. >> when we know she's not here no more, you know and the talk about it it will just make that moment even worse. >> reporter: peter struggles
5:48 pm
every day around his shop. it's named for his daughter it's where many of her favorite things remain today. >> oh this was her little table? >> yeah. >> reporter: she played here. the family home right upstairs. >> she was a surfer, too. >> reporter: peter says he can feel her spirit all around here. >> she knows how much we loved her. she really does. just let her know, you know, how much i miss her. it's a great -- great deal. that we miss her. >> reporter: the light of their lives. >> it's gone. and there's nothing you can do about it. ♪ >> reporter: not quiet. peter was angry at the treatment alex was getting. not that the doctors weren't doing all they can but at how little they had to offer to treat ewing sarcoma. well we were like upset, you know, we were upset. my daughter was dying at this point there.
5:49 pm
literally. >> reporter: more upsetting the reason. limited research dollars at one of the best pediatric cancer centers in the discovering betts for ewing. it's rarer than others. chop's oncology chief dr. steve hunger understands peter's ang anger. >> we need new and different approaches to cure the patients like alexandra who are not able to be cured using the best available drugs we have today. >> i said to myself, should i be embarrassed to be carrying her? i said no. she's here to be saved and it was tough. >> that's particularly challenging because everybody from is figuring they'll going to be the one of the ones cured. our job is to keep working until we can cure every patient. >> i said how much money do you need to do this?
5:50 pm
>> reporter: about million dollars to set up a research end do you mean at children's hospital of philadelphia. devoted solely for ewing sarco sarcoma. peter has accepted the challen challenge. >> well, i felt i had like a job to do. something to accomplish now that could help someone else out. >> i can't thank the family enough and i also hope this gives peter and his family some piece to be doing this. >> we have a website up through chop, and i'm on a seven-year program with them to raise a million dollars. >> reporter: peter is already working a scholarship fund at alex's school. and setting up another fund to help families financially devastated by pediatric cancer treatment. he surprised by donors generosity but he needs much more. >> i learned something through all of this that you got to find something good to grab on to that gives you some joy. it could be the smallest little
5:51 pm
thing but it gives you that energy to go to another step and keep moving in life. report roar joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> you just feel his pain. >> absolutelily he tries to move on. >> he's doing a good thing. >> yes, he is. >> let's hope good things will happen. >> powerful. time again for a very kelly christmas. >> the chair meister himself bob kelly checking out another fantastic holiday lights. are you doing that to stay warm because you got rhythm or because of both. >> you're lit in levittown. >> i don't have any rhythm. i'm doing it to stay warm. this suit doesn't -- i didn't buy it for the warmth out here. everybody having fun so far? >> yes! >> the song we're playing is call the boogie woogie choo-choo train. say hi to cecily she's failing fast. we got to get her on camera quick before she starts crying again. take look at this home here. we are on the 56 stony brook
5:52 pm
drive in levittown where kevin why you have the radio station set up so tell me how this work. >> okay. basically, i don't have to have the speakers outside. people can sit in nice warm car have hot chocolate and view the show from their warm car. >> we're right off of route 13 and right behind the levittown shopping plaza. so when you drive by, you tune your radio to 88.3 fm and i guess we'll change songs here now. >> yeah. >> changing the song again. >> it loops around. so we go quiet. boom then we wake back up again and when you drive by the folks that come by they can stop right in front of the house. they can tune the radio station and they can hear the music which of course the lights are popping to the beat here. how long does it take to you program something like that? >> well, it takes about four to five hours to do one minute of each song. >> so it's a lot of time. >> take look up here. we got which the chao train on video screen.
5:53 pm
that's cool. >> the boogie woogie choo-choo train. how is this in the weather the rain that we had last week? >> no problem. the screen under an overhang it's fine. i had the screen blow on me one day luckily it wasn't running. >> wow. you've been this for 10 years. >> 10 years. >> going to keep on going. >> i'm going to trifle every year we add new lights. >> up grades what's called pixels that's the new thing now. new technology. >> new technology out here in levittown. taking song requests. anybody have a song the booing goo woogie choo-choo train we'll do rudolph the read knowed reindeer and get hot chocolate and come back and join you during the 6:00 o'clock hour. rye back to you guys in the studio. everybody give a wave. >> jingle rock that's my song quest. jingle bell rock. >> hill dizzy drake. >> does he have a christmas album perhaps. >> he does. streaming. >> i'm sure it is.
5:54 pm
holiday celebration revving up with dizzy drake so is danger on the road. what the national highway safety administration is doing to help keep you and your families safe. >> coming up at six the man walked in into a philadelphia dollar store and showed the teenage employee his gun. what he toll her before making off with the money. video that you kind of got to see to believe. operator avenue backhoe was just weaving down a local road. what police say they found when they stopped the heavy machinery. z test text1 p
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
a new federal government initiative aims to keep you safe from drunk drivers on the road this season. the national highway traffic safety administration launched a campaign called drive sober or get pulled over. it involves an ad campaign interactive virtual reality website and three-part plan to prevent drunk driving. >> first one is supporting high visibility law enforcement such as sobriety checkpoints. the second is passing laws in every state that require ignition enter locks for every drunk driving offender. the third element of this campaign to eliminate drug driving the development of advanced vehicle technology. the technology can sense if a driver is above the legal limit and keep the car from moving. keep your eyes blood glued to fox 29. the new series star premieres at 9:00.
5:59 pm
>> philly native lee daniels is the man behind the scenes the same genius behind empire. well today benjamin bratt talk to alec holley and mike jerick on "good day philadelphia". >> you know, fans of empire will recognize the dna that lives in this show. they're both, you know, music centric, and they're both on some level about dysfunctional families. but if empire is a reflection of lee's amazing and fabulous life now with the trappings and the gifts that fame and fortune brings, star starts at the beginning. if yeah. character i play is on some level this was really the main draw for me is reflection of who lee daniels was. >> all right. here's tonight big lineup op fox 29. the fall finale of empire at 8:00, then star premieres at 9:00. of course stick around for an hour and a half news of fox 29. ♪ right now at 6:00 arctic air plunging into our area. how long winds are making it feel like it's in the teens and that is in the all. the fox 29 weather authority
6:00 pm
tracking a storm that's going to impact our area this weekend. caught on camera, a philadelphia dollar store is robbed by a man with a gun. a tone aged employee is left stunned. what this bad guy told her before making off with the money. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. jack frost will most definitely be nipping at your knows if it isn't covered. polar air and high winds about to plummet temperatures cold code blue in effect for philadelphia, montgomery and bucks county in pa and camden county new jersey. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. that arctic air is going to make it dangerous and certainly up comfortable if you want to spend any length of time outside. kathy orr tracking that polar vortex a storm which could cause problems for the weekend, kathy. >> it is. exciting to see colder weather but not this kind of weather. that the winds will be whipping about 45 miles an hour and as lucy mentioned i have to protect


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